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Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers directly in their inbox. From telling your story to delivering your content to your audience at the right time, as an Email Marketing Agency, our experts can assist with all aspects of your Email Marketing strategy.

Unlike it’s physical competitor, email marketing has changed the way small businesses can interact with prospective and existing customers allowing them to create a conversion optimised lead funnel which not only generates immediate sales but creates lifelong brand evangelists. Email Marketing should form a strong pillar of your digital marketing strategy.

With great tracking and automation capabilities, you can save time and see a real ROI on each email that is sent. Not only that but email allows you to engage your audience with highly targeted and personalised content from welcome emails as soon as a new customer signs up to 24 hour event reminders.

As an Email Marketing Agency, we take the time to understand your business’ aims & objectives, define your target audience and research what your competitors are doing. This allows us to put together a detailed email marketing strategy which is designed to take your customers on a conversion focused journey.

Our team of experts have years’ of experience which means we can create effective email marketing campaigns which resonate with your customers and prospects. are delivered to them at the right time for maximum ROI.

However, it just doesn’t stop there! We also help to ensure your marketing emails contain the right message, they are sent to the right people and at the right time. In turn, this leads to more sales and increases revenue.


What subject line works best? Which call-to-action generates the most amount of clicks? We will figure this all out for you. When it comes to your Email Marketing Campaigns, we will continuously test different aspects to ensure you get the best results possible and the most out of your campaign.

At Iursamajor, we provide you with a report for each email campaign, so that you can track performance and see your ROI. We will also ensure you’re GDPR Certified by managing, maintaining and building your database in a compliant way.

The search engine optimization facilities we offer include such core services as Organic Search, On-page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.

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