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A Web Design That Hits The “Sweet Spot”

A Web Design That Hits The “Sweet Spot”
  • Use space without cluttering it up
  • On a typical web page, you have a header, content area, sidebar, and footer. As expected, each one of these sections serves a different purpose. To elaborate:
  • A header grabs attention and showcases vital information because it’s well above-the-fold.
  • The content area is meant to be read, so you should use smart formatting to make it scannable.
  • The sidebar, whether you choose one or two, should encourage your readers to delve deeper into your site.
  • The footer should be used to deliver low priority information, such as secondary navigation, to help your visitors breeze through your site.
  • Just remember, when you’re creating your page, everything you add should have a tangible purpose. If you can’t think of why you want ten widgets in your sidebar, take’em out. I promise you, you won’t miss them.
  • Add only what is necessary; take out anything that isn’t
  • When you design your website, you typically need a goal fulfilled, whether that be generating more sales, gaining a larger blog audience, or just informing users of an organization.
  • No matter the goal, you want each design element on your site to promote it. In other words, you don’t want a pretty design without any brains behind it.
  • Now you may think grungy fonts or fancy flourishes look nice, but simply adding them because they look nice may undermine your original goals. So eliminate unnecessary design elements.
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