Overall Scores
Every browser has a unique value proposition for each user, and maybe you need certain features more than others. What if you ranked each browser in a few major categories, first place through fifth, then divided their sum showings by the total possible?

Here’s how that would shake out, if the competition included cold starts, nine-tab loading, JavaScript, DOM/CSS, and memory use.

  1. Opera: 80%
  2. Chrome 10 (Stable): 76%
  3. Chrome 11 (Dev): 68%
  4. Firefox 4: 60%
  5. Internet Explorer 9: 24%

A few caveats, then: Internet Explorer 9 is actually a pretty nice browser to use, once it’s loaded, and with memory as an out-of-mind concern. And Firefox 4 definitely feels faster, snappier, and less prone to drifting into lag-iness.