A prominent digital vigilante is using an online tool he hacked together to keep an eye on hot spots that seem at risk of boiling over into bloodshed.

The Web app, which is powered partly by artificial intelligence, analyzes posts on social media as well as police radio chatter and feeds of the local airspace in virtually any region. Its goal? To detect rumblings of unrest and alert the public.

Here are  SIX iAWACS nodes as they stand right now:

  • FIREHOSE Unfiltered and sucks up everything – THIS ONE IS INTENSE!  Beware the images tab!
  • DRONEBAIT – Listens out just for Jihadi Chatter.
  • ACTIVESHOOTER – Listening for Active Shooter situations.
  • TRENDINGUSA – Tracks the current US trending Topic.
  • MAJOR INCIDENTThis node activates when there is a major incident in progress and has local EMT audio.
  • DEMO NODE Demo node listening for tweets mentioning NYPD, LIVE NYPD AUDIO & NYC Airspace Monitoring.

Read more about the apps, the technology, and the man behind them.