Car technology has been getting more and more advanced lately.

You can do things like make phone calls through your car’s audio system, play music from your phone and get directions to appear right on your dashboard.

With the help of new technology, you might be able to find car insurance at cheaper rates, but there’s always a price to pay.

Ford and Lincoln Motor Company announced they’re teaming up with Nationwide insurance to offer discounted rates — but there’s a catch.

If you own a newer vehicle from one of these manufacturers with “connected” capabilities, you can sign up for a program that uses the car’s built-in modem to track your driving habits.

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Once you purchase a policy, the connected car will track distance driven, hard braking and accelerating, idle time and night driving. This information is shared with Nationwide and used to establish a policy rate for renewal.

Drivers who are more careful will receive bigger discounts. Customers are eligible for up to a 40% discount, which will be applied when the policy is renewed.

While 40% off insurance rates sounds good, are you OK with sharing this type of data? It might feel a bit creepy having your every move tracked — similar to being online when companies like Google and Facebook track you to provide you with targeted ads.

If handing over information like this doesn’t bother you and you want to sign up, simply fill out a form in either the FordPass or Lincoln Way app. The program is available now in 39 states and is expected to be ready in more soon.