Chip Shield is a unique product that leverages the chip technology already in your wallet to protect you from online data breaches and streamline your shopping experience.

The Chip Shield card reader interacts directly with your credit or debit card’s security chip to generate secure payments, unlock your online accounts and protect your personal information.

Chip Shield is compatible with virtually every online merchant through our Web Assistant browser extension.

The Web Assistant communicates securely with your Chip Shield Reader and injects payment information directly to the merchant site to protect from viruses.

Lengthy forms are auto-filled and check-out is completed in a few seconds with no manual data entry.

Adaptive Security for Payments

When used during online check-out, Chip Shield automatically selects the strongest form of security available based on the merchant site, your bank and the type of credit card.

If your bank already supports virtual account numbers, Chip Shield will generate a unique 16-digit card number for each site with custom spending limits and expiration dates.

If the merchant supports end-to-end encryption, Chips Shield can encrypt payment data in the reader so it is never exposed as it travels through the merchant’s servers.

Even without enhanced support from merchants, Chip Shield’s encrypted communication to the browser protects against common desktop viruses better than anti-virus software.