How Pinterest Differs

Unlike other social networks, where people mostly share things that have already happened, most of the pins on Pinterest are about things people want to do or achieve.

The word “dream” is commonly found on Pinterest, especially in board titles, such as dream wedding, dream vacation, dream wardrobe and even dream man cave.

#1: Produce Content That Inspires and Informs

If you’re looking for a source of inspiration for content that would do well on Pinterest, look no further than your email inbox or the FAQ section of your website.

Create videos and articles that address common questions asked about your products and services, as well as share different ways to use your products. Upload pins (along with links to posts) that get your community excited about using your brand.

#2: Create Descriptive Images

When people think of Pinterest, the first thing that comes to mind is images. Create visuals that have a clear message so they’ll grab your audience’s attention.

If you pin a product or a food photo for a recipe, a good image might be all you need. However, if the concept is more abstract or you’re promoting a service, get creative with images and perhaps include some text.

#3: Selectively Curate Content

Your Pinterest business profile shouldn’t only be about promoting your content, products and services. Build an account that serves your audience. After all, social media is an extension of your customer service.

Curate content that your Pinterest followers will find useful to make your account a more valuable resource. This also takes the pressure off of you to create all of the content you need to keep your account active.