1. You’ll lose all that coveted SEO juice you built. If you’re a regular blogger, you like understand and value the SEO benefits of blogging frequently. You know that every new blog post you create is more real estate for your business to rank in search engines, and that each new piece of content affords you some extra SEO juice for the keywords you want to get found for.
  2. You’ll sacrifice a whole lot of inbound link love. While blogging is a great way to boost your on-page SEO, off-page SEO and inbound links to the content you create are even more powerful influencers for your website’s authority and its ability to rank in search engines. By deleting your blog posts, any inbound links you’ve generated will disappear.
  3. You’ll miss out on valuable lead generation opportunities.  Just because content is evergreen, doesn’t mean it’s still not useful or that it can’t continue to generate leads for your business.
  4. You’ll be retroactively wasting a lot of time (and burning a library of resources!). Particularly in the world of inbound marketing, time and brainpower is money. While blogging may not cost anything besides the platform or tools you’ve built your blog on, creating, nurturing, and maintaining a successful blog still takes a lot of valuable time and effort. Think about all the time you spent creating the content that has built your blog up to what it is today. Throwing away all that content would be like throwing away money and burning a library of resources. What a waste!
  5. You’ll limit social media mentions and content sharing. Just like businesses can still generate leads from evergreen content, they can also generate traffic and get found in social media through the sharing of that content, too. Eliminating old content altogether will severely limit social sharing and negatively affect social media referral traffic to your website.