This email is supposedly a shipment notification from delivery company DHL.

It asks you to click a link to confirm your delivery details.

The email includes the DHL logo and, at least at first glance, it may appear to be genuine. However, DHL did not send the email and the link does not open delivery documents. Instead, clicking the link opens a website that harbours malware.

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Once on the fraudulent website, you may be tricked into downloading and installing malware on your computer.

The DHL name and logo has been repeatedly used in similar malware attacks over a number of years.

In fact, criminals regular use fake package delivery notifications to trick people into installing malware. Alternative versions claim to be from FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, USPS, The Royal Mail, and several other well-known delivery companies.

If you receive such an email, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains.

Transcript of the malware email:

Subject: DHL Shipment Notification : 6881393282
Attached documents sent
This shipment has been created with DHL Express
Waybill Tracking Number 8974455545 or Please Click Here to confirm properly your address, tracking location and view of documents.
IMPORTANT: DHL Express does not request payments by cash or any other payment methods via email.
Please do not send payment in response to this email.
Please do not reply to this email – inbox is not monitored.
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