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Does Your IP Address Have a Poor Rating?


There are a number of reasons your IP address may have been listed as “poor”, including:

  1. The email server at this IP address contains a virus and has been sending out spam
  2. The email server at this IP address may be configured incorrectly
  3. The PC at this IP address may be infected with a virus or botnet software program
  4. An individual in the organization at this IP address may have a PC infected with a virus or botnet program
  5. This IP address may be a dynamic IP address which was previously utilized by a known spammer
  6. The marketing department of a company at this IP address may be sending out bulk emails that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act
  7. This IP address may have a insecure wireless network attached to it which could allow unknown users to use it’s network connection to send out bulk email
  8. In some rare cases, your recipients’ Barracuda Spam Firewall may be misconfigured
  1. Yes, but how does one clear this rating. I’ve already tried going through their system to have our IP reviewed and improved.

  2. Each organization will have a different process. If you find a service such as is kicking back email due to your IP being blacklisted, they have specific steps you can take which may involved changing server settings, etc. Others might give you a pass the first time by providing a statement that you are not involved with spamming and other troublesome activities. In can be a pain the neck and take sometime, often to no fault of your own. Its the times we live in today.

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