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Enhance Your Digital Communications With Push Notifications


You can send eye catching push notification right inside your customers smartphones which is better than email or any other form of engaging with customers/subscribers

Push Notifications gives app owners lead over competitors in engagement.  Combine push notifications with email marketing for a potent 1-2 sales punch.

  • Review sites – Send push notifications whenever a new review is posted. Creates a burning desire for rabid niche fans to pick up your latest and greatest gear and digital product offers
  • Bars can notify customers about special events, happy hour, VIP events and more…
  • Fitness studios/personal trainers can send clients reminders of class times, display fitness class times, and offer app only discounts…
  • Nonprofits can inform volunteers of opportunities to serve, notify about fundraising events and more….
  • Dental offices can send appointment reminders, offer specials on optional services such as tooth whitening, and also sell items such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers via app…
  • Run mobile ads on you app…and create additional monetization from push notifications to your products and affiliate links
  • Cross promote to your t-shirt and gear stores to maximize your profits
  • Kindle authors can provide ‘sneak-peeks’ inside upcoming editions to whet the appetite of their customers, and send a push notification to let their customers know when the books goes live for explosive sales…

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