Nothing beats cementing an online relationship with a real live conversation, interaction, or new experience. As it happens, getting folks to register for an event that’s not free versus, say, a free webinar or ebook, takes a lot of effort.

1. Share Lazy Tweets With Bitly Links

The event team isn’t the only group that should be promoting. In fact, your whole team can help if you make it easy for them. Sharing a pre-created ‘lazy tweet’ with them so they can help spread details to their networks is ideal, and if you keep it under 100 characters, it’s easier to retweet.

2. Create Lazy Tweets Featuring Well-Known Speakers With Bitly Links

This is the same idea as above, but if you’re having some speakers at your event who have a lot of followers, include their handles in your tweets. This may encourage them to retweet your event to their followers, too!IMS LazyTweet Example resized 600

3. Use Event Hashtags WhenTweeting

Whenever you share something socially, be sure to create and include your event’s hashtag to start generating brand association and buzz early. Folks who can’t make the live event may follow it that day, and you could even become a trending topic (making your event more powerful next year).

4. Publish Pre-Event Takeaway Blog Posts With Unique Promo Codes

This particular blog post isn’t about event takeaways, but we did launch a sweet SlideShare contest with Ten Marketing Takeaways From 10 IMS Speakers that folks loved and shared, knowing they’d walk away with more in-depth knowledge from the live event. Then we gave participants a unique code to register so we could track our success.

5. Launch Facebook ‘Like’ Promotions

Got a Facebook Page? Offer your fans a unique discount code if they ‘Like’ you and help spread the word about your event.

6. Send LinkedIn Group Invitations

Share event highlights and pre-event content via relevant LinkedIn Groups. Again, use a custom link or promo code to track registrants.

7. Offer In-Product, -Service, or -App Promotions

Even if you aren’t a software company, there may be different tools or sites that your audience interacts with on a regular basis. Think of creative ways to include contextual promotions; maybe it’s a CTA on a software screen, or it could even be a tear card on your monthly invoice. There are a lot of opportunities that you might not be leveraging. Get creative!