As you may already know, there are various issues that can affect your wireless internet experience, especially at home. We’re talking about poor reception issues, no connectivity, and failures to join a known network. There are many things you can try to do yourself before you ask for professional help, and one of them is simple: resetting your equipment.

That means manually unplugging the power from your modem, router and/or laptop. If that’s too difficult a task for you, then ResetPlug will come to the rescue.

For just $60, you can purchase this outlet adapter and simply place it between the wall socket and the router. The plug is smart enough to determine when your internet isn’t working. When that happens, it’ll automatically turn your router and/or modem on and off until the connection is reestablished.

The plug tests your Wi-Fi connection until it’s working. The LED lights will tell you if everything is okay (blue) or not (red) and you’ll know when you have to resume Netflix streams.

More importantly, this tiny plug ensures that your internet is functional even when you’re away from home. Those people who have smart internet-connected gadgets around the house that monitor several parameters, including security, will certainly appreciate a plug that can restore internet connectivity without human supervision.