Google’s Location History feature keeps track of the places your mobile device has been (if you opt-in and turn it on) and now you can look back through that data with “Your Timeline.” Rolling out on the desktop and Android versions of Google Maps, its gives you an easy-to-navigate look at your comings and goings. It also shows what it recorded about how you made those trips (by plane, train, automobile, bike or even walking — how do you think it remembers where you parked?) and displays the Google Photos you took. This data has always been available on the Location History webpage, but now it’s easier to see. Google says the feature is “private and visible only to you,” and you can delete any segments that you’d rather not have recorded — can’t wait for the first court case that comes up in — or drop in nicknames for frequently visited spots.

For many, it might be too creepy to see just how much data the search giant has and how complete its record is. But for others who were fans of Latitude, use Location sharing on Google+ or need Foursquare’s help just to remember what we they did last night, it looks like the best-organized way to look back at where you’ve been since Google added those pie charts to Maps 5.3 in 2011. If it’s not showing up on your phone yet, Android Police has v9.12 ready to download and check it out.