When you visit a website, a certain amount of information is automatically sent to the site. This information may include the following:

IP address – Each computer on the internet is assigned a specific. You can determine your computer’s IP address at any given time by visiting www.showmyip.com.

Domain name – The internet is divided into domains, and every user’s account is associated with one of those domains.
Software details – It may be possible for an organization to determine which browser, including the version, that you used to access its site.
Page visits – Information about which pages you visited, how long you stayed on a given page, and whether you came to the site from a search engine.

How can you limit the amount of information collected about you?

Be careful supplying personal information – Unless you trust a site, don’t give your address, password, or credit card information.
Limit cookies – If an attacker can access your computer, he or she may be able to find personal data stored in cookies.
Browse  safely  – Be careful which websites you visit; if it seems suspicious, leave the site.