Enjoy it.

Someone?s said something bad about your writing? So what. No schools have burned down and no hospitals have exploded, so don?t take it so damn seriously.

Nobody?s right.

You wrote about your experience, your perspective and your ideas, and that?s just as it should be. Whoever criticized your writing (whether in a constructive or destructive way) is talking from their point of view based on their experience. And that?s just fine too.

Some people just won?t get it.

Believe it or not but some folks out there are idiots. Some folks are struggling, others are bitter and some others are just plain angry.

Look for a new idea.

You get your ideas from the people and the world around you, so be curious. What is there in the criticism that?s new to you? What new idea has been presented or where are the points of difference?

Let it go.

The moment you feel your hackles rising, let it go. If you let it upset you what follows is anger, and to quote Yoda, that leads to the dark side.