The world’s biggest anatomy quiz has been created to find out how much people know about where their internal organs are in the body.

Scientists created the interactive study after finding that people cannot pinpoint vital organs.

Past research by Lancaster University found, although 100 per cent of people know where their brain is, only 15 per cent can correctly label their adrenal glands.

Experts say this could make them less able to understand their health, and are now hoping to survey 20,000 people to see how much the public really knows.

In the online quiz participants are asked to click to mark 25 specific types of organ or muscle and answer a few questions about themselves.

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Potentially trickier body parts to pinpoint include the cruciate ligament, thyroid, gallbladder and spleen.

According to Dr Taylor’s past research of 63 people with an average age of 36, people are most able to point out the brain, cornea, biceps and triceps.

Meanwhile, they struggle to correctly label the spleen, gallbladder, adrenal gland and pancreas.

The research found men and women are almost equally good at locating organs, but men are better at pointing out muscles.

The team now want to expand their research to 20,000 people.

They hope the findings will teach people about their own body, health and wellbeing and potentially design content for teaching healthcare professionals.

Dr Taylor said last year: ‘Whilst many of the public do not have or need formal anatomical knowledge, it is beneficial in monitoring and explaining their own health.

Take the quiz now.