January is one of the best times to refresh and renew the marketing of your brand! Your consumers are looking for the latest and greatest to make sure that their “New Years Resolutions” last the whole year long.

With that said, I want to tell you about our custom launch campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ that can help you take advantage of this New Year’s trend while helping you get started on the right “marketing” foot!

Without specialized knowledge, it could take you quite a bit of time, money and resources to make sense of the social media landscape and to get started in the most effective manner. By hiring our team of social media specialists, you can get everything set up the “right” way in just one month without all of the stress and financial strain!

In a short 30 day period, our intensive launch campaign will completely rebrand, optimize you for social media, build your network into the thousands, build company pages, build custom groups, engage your target consumer, do mass mailings…. and so much more to get you to make a splash in the social media world! This will not only help you explode into the social media sphere… but will also help you get a huge jump over your competition in 2012.

Even better? At the end of the month, if you choose to take your campaign in-house, we offer training to show you how to continue the success throughout the rest of the year!

If you want and need to make the most of your 2012 online, there is still time! All campaigns can launch within 24 hours of signing up with potential first results delivered in a few days! We custom build every campaign to fit your needs, so you tell us what you want and we create a campaign that gets results!

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