Curtis L. DeYoung Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of American Pension Services, is speaking Thursday, November 13 from 6P to 9P, and Saturday November 16 from 9A to 4P.

DeYoung realized early in his career that true self-directed retirement plans were rare and virtually unavailable to the average, individual investor. The industry was dominated by brokerage firms, insurance companies and banks that sponsored limited investment options for retirement plans. Still today, most IRA sponsors allow only the investments that benefit them the most, rather than the unlimited investment options allowed by law.

Unable to find a company that allowed him to invest as he desired, DeYoung founded American Pension Services (APS). APS is a genuine, self-directed, retirement plan administration company that provides the vehicle for true self-direction, without the conflict of interest of financial products to sell — a unique and rare combination in the financial world. American Pension Services currently administers over $100-million in self-directed retirement plans, and combined with their FDIC-insured custodian, First Utah Bank, can offer investors maximum flexibility, security, and freedom to invest as aggressively as the law allows.

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