What does the launch of LinkedIn Today mean for marketers?

LinkedIn is a huge social network, has a strong following and usage among b2b companies and is the largest business / career focused community in the world. If you sell to other businesses, or even to individual business people, you need to know what you should do to get the most out of LinkedIn Today. Here are some of the key tips for marketers:

  1. You should be publishing not advertising. LinkedIn today is yet another service that gives inbound marketers an advantage. Rather than buying ads people ignore, you want to be the content that is showing up on the homepage and being promoted by LinkedIn members. The best way to do this is to start a blog and be your own publisher.
  2. You should be active on LinkedIn. Now that your news and blog posts can spread more virally on LinkedIn, there is even more reason to be active in this business community. If you have more friends and build better relationships with them on LinkedIn, then it is more likely your content will get more shares and be featured on LinkedIn today. One way to be active is to join groups and post messages there, like our Inbound Marketers LinkedIn Group. Other ways include making regular status updates, and answering questions posted on LinkedIn Answers.
  3. You should have LinkedIn share buttons on all your content. Recently, LinkedIn launched a new sharing button that tracks the number of shares much like the buttons from Twitter and Facebook.  Having these buttons on your content makes it much more likely your website visitors will share the content with their networks and your company will get more attention on LinkedIn.