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March 13, 2008 – Vol. XII, No. 09


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In This Issue:

Item One: Make Your Calls Memorable
Item Two: What is The GDP?
Item Three: Nutrition Tip – Butter: Better for you than Margarine
Item Four: Word of the Week
Item Five: How can you find out if your identity was stolen?
Do you know…

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1. Make Your Calls Memorable

For effective search engine marketing, you need more than just top rankings.

Remember to include strong calls to action to compel a response from the reader.

But also remember that people often get accustomed to the same type of terminology if it is repeated over and over again. Practice coming up with new ways to describe a "call to action" so that it still delivers value, but does not get ignored. The same is true when describing a special bonus or a guarantee. Work to make your "calls to action" memorable. Make them stand out on the page.

2. What is The GDP?

The GDP is the market value of all goods and services produced in a year. Comparing an expenditure using this measure, tells you how much money in the comparable year would be the same percent of all output. Check out these examples; some will amaze you:

  • George Washington’s salary
  • The Erie Canal
  • The Civil War
  • Cost of the Model T Ford
  • Babe Ruth’s salary
  • Putting a man on the moon
  • The "real" price of gasoline

3. Nutrition Tip – Butter: Better for you than Margarine

Against this backdrop, findings from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) made headlines when supplements of calcium plus Vitamin D failed to protect postmenopausal women against fractures. However, women over 60 did benefit, but only if the bone supplements of calcium and vitamin D were taken faithfully. In another study, researchers monitored 445 people age 65 years or older who took supplements of calcium (500 milligrams) and vitamin D (700 IU). Those who took the supplements were 46 percent to 65 percent less likely to fall than those getting placebo, with less active people benefiting the most, probably because they had the most to gain.

4. Word of the Week

distaff • \DISS-taff\ • adjective

1 a : related through a mother
b : inherited or derived from the female parent

2 : female

Example Sentence:
The Solheim Cup pits America’s best distaff golfers against the top European women.

Did you know?
A distaff was originally a short staff that held a bundle of fibers — of flax or wool, for example — ready to be spun into yarn or thread. Since spinning was a basic daily task customarily done by women, the distaff came to be the symbol for the work or domain of women. This symbolic use of the noun "distaff" dates back to the time of Chaucer and is found in several works by Shakespeare. Eventually "distaff" came to be used for the female branch of a family and then as an adjective, as in "the distaff side of the family."

5. How can you find out if your identity was stolen?

The best way to find out is to monitor your accounts and bank statements each month, and check your credit report on a regular basis. If you check your credit report regularly, you may be able to limit the damage caused by identity theft. For more information, visit the Detect Identity Theft section.

Unfortunately, many consumers learn that their identity has been stolen after some damage has been done.

  • You may find out when bill collection agencies contact you for overdue debts you never incurred.
  • You may find out when you apply for a mortgage or car loan and learn that problems with your credit history are holding up the loan.
  • You may find out when you get something in the mail about an apartment you never rented, a house you never bought, or a job you never held.

What should you do if your identity is stolen?

Filing a police report, checking your credit reports, notifying creditors, and disputing any unauthorized transactions are some of the steps you must take immediately to restore your good name.

6. Do You Know…
On this day:

  • Apollo 9 Safely Returns to Earth (1969)
    The Apollo program was a series of spaceflight missions undertaken by the US in the 1960s with the goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth. Apollo 9 was the third manned mission in this series and consisted of a 10-day earth-orbital mission launched on March 3, 1969. It was the second manned flight of the Saturn V launch vehicle and the first manned flight of the Apollo Lunar Module.
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