Lead generation numbers for over 4,000 companies make quite a compelling case that “more is better” when it comes to content creation. In the case of blogs, landing pages, and indexed pages — which are all critical pieces of the inbound marketing methodologies — data showed that companies that created more, generated more leads and traffic back in return.
In Short, the Data Revealed:

  • Companies that blogged 20 or more times in a month saw the most return in traffic and leads
  • Companies with over 400 indexed pages generated the most traffic and leads
  • Companies with over 31 landing pages generated the most leads (nearly 10 times that of the lowest, ‘less that 5’ category).

Blog Every Positive & Negative Angle

For keywords or topics crucial to your value proposition or services, talk about them as much as you can. The advantages of using, tips for using, trends in the space, key questions, etc. will all make interesting and informative content fodder for those reading your blog. Also consider the educational benefit that negative angles can provide. Write about the disadvantages of your products and services — and subtly spin the content back in your favor with whatever conclusion you reach. You will double your blogging output around the topics that are easiest for you to write around.

Double-Down on Manpower Offers While Building the Downloadable Ones

Having a lot of landing pages should mean that you have a lot of offers. And having a lot of offers should mean that visitors to your website who have even the slightest interest in your services should be able to find something worth a form submission to them. Whitepapers, webinars, and ebooks require a lot of elbow grease and polish before they’re ready, so start chipping away at your landing page goal by building every conceivable middle of the funnel offer you can think of. Consultations, assessments, quotes, demos, trials, etc. They are all in your sales teams wheelhouse and won’t require a copywriting or a graphic design team to deliver.

Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit for More Indexed Pages

Do the members of your team have individual bio pages? They should. Do you have different pages for all the different regions, cities, or states that you service or work in? If they are in any way different (and you, being the expert, know they are), then you should have separate web pages for them. Do you have an overall “solutions page” rather than giving each of your services their own standalone pages? It might be time to reconsider. A quick audit will unearth some opportunities you’re missing. And by the way, if you’re employing either or both of the above tactics, then you’re well on your way to a bigger indexed-page count.