Should you be Optimizing for mobile?

The short answer is yes for smartphones. The long is also yes, because all mobile devices including tablets have changed the way people (and potential customers for your business) open emails. The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed throughout the world over the past decade. Reporting suggests 5.13 billion individuals will use a smartphone by 2017.

That would be an astonishing 69.4% of the world’s projected population, this is directly significant as it parallels how individuals are reading their emails. A 2013 study by the International Data Corporation showed 78% of respondents used smartphones to check their email, 73% said they used smartphones for web browsing, and 70% for checking Facebook.

This is combined with the data showing 45% of all emails were opened on smartphones in 2015 alone. Now these numbers are not only telling they give us insight into the following industry trends:

  • Innovation within email marketing will advance rapidly (this has already begun).
  • Marketers need to make sure all email campaigns are optimized for mobile platforms.
  • Email continues to be the most important marketing outlet.

Some may feel they can skip over email marketing and instead use their company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as new age techniques to accomplish the same results that email marketing would provide.

Don’t think that. Don’t do that. Just Don’t.

While every brand should incorporate various social media platforms into their marketing strategy, none are as effective and time efficient as building lists and launching email campaigns?

Allow me to explain…

With the innovative trends already taking place inside email marketing like; hyper personalization, kinetic email, and location identification—brands now have the ability to directly connect with every member on their list. These personalization and eye catching techniques allow for a much different experience than what social media provides.

While Facebook and Twitter are both widely used applications on mobile platforms, brands are not able to use either to give a completely personal experience to each user. Unless they spend hours responding directly to each customer through private messaging. That would not be practical or good use of your business’ time.

However, with email marketing every campaign can be catered specially to every member on your list. While the scripts won’t necessarily be different Sendlane’s platform allows for you to send messages to list members who have acted on your call to action or a number of different triggers.

With consumers opening emails on their smartphones at an increasing rate, optimization is becoming vital. It’s no longer a luxury for customers to have emails viewable in their original state across all platforms. They now expect optimized mail to work seamlessly across mobile and web devices.

The importance of spending the necessary resources in optimizing your email campaigns cannot be stressed enough. Especially if you want to increase your open and conversion rates.


In order to ensure your brand continues to thrive, it’s essential to understand how to best convert your leads into customers.