The ongoing search war between Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. is intensifying as both companies battle to outpace the other in real-time search.

First Microsoft stole the limelight Wednesday morning when it announced deals with both Twitter and Facebook to include the social networks’ status updates in Bing’s search results . And as the conference chatter was all about how long it would take Google to sign its own deal to catch up with its search rival, Google came out later in the day to announce its own deal, not with Facebook, but with microblogging site Twitter.

Microsoft will integrate tweets into Bing’s search results. Microsoft’s search engine also will rank the tweets according to how relevant they are to the specific query. Bing also will be set up to pull out any URLs listed in the tweets so they can be listed separately.

Google’s vice president ofsearch products announced that the company will be integrating tweets into its own search results.