“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” If you’re like us, you’ve heard this shouted throughout your house many times.

It might be your kid or grandchild, or their friends. Or, worse, you might find yourself shouting it, too.

It’s a hassle to remember passwords, and it’s unsettling to just hand out your password to everyone. That’s not secure, and do you really want your neighbors stealing the Wi-Fi you’re paying for?

There is a solution. You can stick a QR Code around your house, so your guests (and you) can just scan it with an Android phone. It’s a secure shortcut with your password hidden inside it. When you need it, you scan the QR Code instead of typing in your password.

QR codes are super simple to use and, with the Cool Site QR4, super simple to create.

But Wait! You’ll need just three pieces of information, which you can get from your Internet provider. Or, follow along here:

First, look at the back of your modem for “SSID.” It might be shown as something like, “Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID).” It’ll be about a dozen numbers and letters; type those in where it says SSID on QR4’s Code Generator page.

Second, type in your password. It might be “Administrator.” If you don’t know, call your Internet provider.

Third, choose your secure network type; the site defaults to WEP, but you may have WPA. If you don’t know, ask your Internet provider.

Click on the button that says “Generate WiFi QR Code,” and that’s it. You now have your own, very cool QR Code. Print it out, and post it around the house. The next time you hear, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”… say back, “Scan it.”