gallimaufry; noun


Example Sentence:

I was ready to leave the flea market, when, on one table, among a gallimaufry of undistinguished objects, I caught sight of an exquisite silver spoon engraved with my initials.

Did you know?

If the word “gallimaufry” doesn’t make your mouth water, it may be because you don’t know its history. In the 16th century, Middle-French speaking cooks made a meat stew called “galimafree.” It must have been a varied dish, because English speakers chose its name for any mix or jumble of things. If “gallimaufry” isn’t to your taste, season your speech with one of its synonyms: “hash” (which can be a muddle or chopped meat and potatoes), “hotchpotch” (a stew or a hodgepodge), or “potpourri” (another stew turned medley).