Q: What is Facebook Timeline?
A: Timeline is a section of a Facebook user’s account that replaces the Profile and Wall pages, and merges them together. It shows the story of your life, as you choose to tell it or as Facebook has recorded it, in a visual, scrolling, reverse-chronologically ordered timeline. It’s a cross between visual blog and online scrapbook. Fun fact: Facebook Timeline was accidentally released very briefly to the public back in December 2010 when it was called “Facebook Memories,” but it was promptly removed.

Q: What appears on my Timeline?
A: Status updates, photos, friendships made, as well as job history, marital status changes, and other information that you’ve recorded in your profile.

Q: Is the Timeline replacing my Facebook wall?
A: Yes. Timeline replaces your Profile and Wall. But it does not change your news feed page. When you log into Facebook and go to Facebook.com, that feed page of Recent Stories will still be the same. But, when you or visitors go to your unique Facebook URL, such as facebook.com/jillduffyNYC, they’ll be able to see your Timeline instead of your old profile information and wall.

Q: How do I edit what appears on Timeline and who can see it?
A:Every Timeline entry has two icons for editing: a pen icon in the upper right corner where you can hide or delete the object, and a cog or silhouette (depending on the type of object) found next to the time or date of the activity, that lets you adjust who can see the activity. See the image above for an example. Additional images in the slideshow illustrate these two editing principles in more detail.

Q: Can I restrict which people who can see certain pieces of information, photos, and other details of my Timeline?
A: Yes! In the same way that you can manage who can see a status update or photo, you can limit who sees all the entries of your Timeline. Each entry has a drop-down menu next to it that lets you filter who can see the item.

Q: Can I delete status updates, images, and other content from my Timeline?
A: Yes! Deleting is an option. Just click that pen icon to edit, and you’ll see “delete.”

Q: What are some of the cons to Facebook Timeline?
A: The biggest cons: It’s mandatory, or non-optional.

A minor con is that the dimensions for display images are unconventional, and I found that I didn’t like how most of my images looked when I uploaded them without manipulating their size and dimensions. You can drag an image around the viewer space, but you can’t crop or resize from directly within Facebook.

Q: What is Timeline Apps integration?
Timeline Apps integration lets you post to Facebook Timeline the activities that you do in other apps. There are about 80 apps supported right now. For example, if you allow the Web site Pinterest permission to post to your Timeline (and yes, you have to turn it on; it’s off by default), Pinterest will create a little box on your Timeline where it shows your Pinterest activity. Another example: You can set up the Wall Street Journal online to post to Timeline when you have read an article. Or you have have Spotify post to Timeline when you listen to a song. It’s basically the same as apps activity in the Facebook Ticker, but on your Timeline.