The perceived worth of the information you provide your readers (whether that be information, fiction, graphics, musical selections, or whatever) is what establishes the value of your site for those who do find it (via search engines or any other means).  It’s what impresses visitors and makes them want to come back, do what you’d like them to do, and tell others about you (via word of mouth, linking to your site, mentioning you in an article, and so forth).  It’s what distinguishes your site from your competitors’.  And now, it also largely determines your search engine ranking.

Making the most of the call for rich content:

  • Fairly obviously, then, the whole drive to find good, usable keywords for your site is related to this one concept:  serving up value to your visitors.  And that means pinpointing keywords/phrases that will A) attract visitors to a particular page and B) offer you the opportunity to provide valuable content (and to attract visitors to your other pages).  Which inevitably, we hope, leads a goodly portion of your visitors to do what you’d like them to do for your own support.

So whether you grab the long tail and/or the head, make the most of your opportunity to deliver good content to your visitors.  Of course, making the most of it generally leads one to use more good keywords for more good content pages!