It should come as no surprise that the country with the fewest people online is North Korea. With all websites under government control, the isolated nation has the most internet censorship in the world.

The past two decades have seen a colossal increase in internet use in Africa. In contrast – due to early adoption – the increase in North America is minimal.

With all their gorgeous beaches, it’s somewhat surprising that people in Thailand spend so much time glued to their screens. Also surprising is that Americans, despite their couch potato reputation, spend an average amount of time on the internet.

The ubiquity of mobile devices and the high price of iPhones are reasons why Android is the most popular operating system in the world.

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Around the world, Chrome is the most popular browser by a mile. The only major anomaly can be seen in Africa, where Opera takes the lead.

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users – over 600 million more than YouTube, the next most popular social media platform.

In general, the use of social media platforms decreases with age. Social media use tends to increase with an increase in education. There’s no obvious reason why this is the case.

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