Despite an increasing number of state bans on driving while texting (DWT) and numerous reports of texting-related accidents, more than one-fourth (26%) of US mobile-phone users send and/or receive text messages behind the wheel, finds a study from Vlingo.

Two of the top five worst offender states (Tenn., N.J. Idaho, Okla., Alaska) have some form of DWT/mobile phone ban in place or pending (one of which is focused solely on young drivers).

Of the five states with the best records (Ariz., Vt., R.I, Ohio, Mich.), only R.I. has a ban on DWT and it only applies to those under the age of 18.

In 2008, 85% of teens and 20-somethings used texting.

In 2009, 94% of teens and 87% of 20-somethings used texting.