When it comes to generating leads, a common mistake we see many businesses make is investing money in external lead sources, such as buying leads from online directories. The outcome? A crippling dependency that wastes money and generates poor results.

What these businesses don’t understand is how easy it is to generate their own leads by taking control of their website and creating lead generation opportunities that align with their business goals. And by generating their own leads, they’d be taking advantage of three key benefits.

Benefits of Generating Your Own Business Leads

  1. Control: In order to eliminate your reliance on buying leads, you would be taking control, both in terms of your website and your business’ lead generation activities. And ultimately, by nixing your dependency on paid leads from online directories and taking lead generation into your own hands, you’re taking control of your business’ destiny.
  2. Savings: By implementing your own lead generation processes, you’ll save a lot of money because rather than buying leads, you’ll be generating leads organically. Research has consistently shown that companies focusing on inbound lead generation experience a 62% lower cost-per-lead than companies that use outbound tactics for lead generation.
  3. Quality: Because you will be able to tailor your lead generation activities to attract the exact type of prospects you’re seeking for your business, the leads you generate will be of much higher quality. And higher quality leads equals a better lead-to-customer conversion rate!