Below is a snapshot of worldwide search interest this past week:

Coronavirus update, Symptoms of coronavirus, NBA, Tom Hanks, Pandemic, and MLB were all trending on search engines this past week.

  • searches for vascular disease up 16%
  • searches for transportation in los cabos up 16%
  • searches for salt lake city doctors up 20%
  • searches for adult tennis leagues up 33%
  • searches for real estate in kailua up 12%
  • searches for outrigger race up 122%
  • searches for junior soccer up 11%
  • searches for margarita recipe up 30%
  • searches for margarita mix recipe up 35%
  • searches for tennis tournament up 23%
  • searches for orange county soccer up 47%
  • searches for pe clothes up 19%
  • searches for mortgage data up 43

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