Is there really a way to fly round trip business class between Europe and Asia or the US for just about $500?

Yes, there really, really is. Do you have to be borderline insane to do it?

Yes. most likely so. This is the internet, and many of us are tragically excited by tricks to do amazing things for cheap.


SAS, the leading Scandinavian Airline with an amazing business class seat offers flights between Europe and the US or Asia (in either direction) for 100,000 miles. At a rate of 5,000 SAS miles for each one day Hertz rental, you’d need 20 days of car rental. It’s not hard to find Hertz rates starting at around $25 per day, so for roughly $500, you can have an amazing flying experience worth thousands.

First, sign up for the SAS EuroBonus frequent flyer program, even if you’ve never flown them. It’s free. Next, research Hertz locations in your area area and search for days of the week or times when rental cars are cheap. Head to this link and read (pay attention) to the exact way to rent to make sure you earn miles. In as little as 20 short days you could be flying business class for $500 round trip. You can make that up in food and drinks, let alone a flat bed on a plane.