Why Try Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat, which has 230 million active daily users who open the app 30 times per day for 30 minutes a day, is home to an audience that’s completely different from Facebook’s. Notably, a 13- to 24-year-old segment exclusively uses Snapchat; they don’t log into Facebook or Instagram. In the U.S., UK, France, Canada, and Australia, Snapchat reaches more 13- to 24-year-olds than either Facebook or Instagram.

However, the audience isn’t limited to the 24 and younger age group.

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Snapchat Ad Campaign Types and Targeting Options
Snapchat campaigns include website conversion campaigns that can be optimized toward a purchase goal or adding to cart, and catalog sales campaigns show dynamic product ads, which are particularly useful to eCommerce brands. Campaigns for awareness, app installs, engagement, lead generation, and video views are useful for non-eCommerce brands, too.

Video views campaigns with a swipe-up call to action (CTA), for example, support brand awareness and can be run as 6-second unskippable commercials served to people watching content in the Discover feed.

Audience targeting options in Snapchat are fairly robust. You can create a custom audience by uploading lists of email addresses or phone numbers, and build three types of lookalike audiences from those customer audiences. A similarity lookalike is akin to a 1% lookalike audience on Facebook, a balanced lookalike is close to a 5% lookalike audience on Facebook, and a reach lookalike is closer to a 10% lookalike on Facebook.

Retargeting audiences can be built by placing the Snap pixel on your website to retarget based on website events or web page visits. You can also retarget based on ad engagement—people who viewed your videos or swiped up on CTA, for example.

Snapchat Ad Types
Advertisers on Snapchat have a number of different ad types to choose from.

Single image or video ads are served inside a viewer’s Stories feed and interrupt the viewer’s experience similarly to ads in the Instagram Stories feed. These ads can be anywhere from 6-15 seconds long, with the sweet spot being 10 seconds.

Story ads are served in the Discover feed as a branded tile that sits next to organic content (tiles). Viewers who tap on your story ad tile are served a series of videos or images. These ads can be up to 2 minutes long and are comprised of 15-second segments of images or video.

Because story ads are served on an opt-in basis, they’re often very effective. They work really well when they use 1-2 minutes to tell a story, rather than purely pitching a product. For example, Doe Lashes’ story ads might include a couple of makeup tutorial videos that show people putting on the lashes.

Snapchat Ad Creative
People on Snapchat are used to seeing faces of people talking about the food they’re eating, where they’re visiting, the scenery, and selfies. The ads that work best mimic that style, are typically filmed with an iPhone, and show someone taking a selfie while they’re talking about the product. The creative doesn’t look like an ad; it looks like a friend snapping you to show you something.

If your creative is overly produced or looks like a TV commercial, people will instantly flip away from it because it looks like what it is… an ad.

If you’re using UGC, though, you have a split second when the viewer thinks, “Is this my friend snapping me? Or is this an ad?” That second can make all the difference between someone watching your ad and flicking away from it.

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