Tips For Writing A Webinar

Show, Don’t Tell
Your presentation should not be a lecture. Give examples, tell stories, and allow them to
interact with the topic.

Dramatically Limit The Number Of Words On A Page
You can develop a separate leave behind that includes details and complicated charts.

Tips For Delivering A Webinar

Start Out With A Bang
After the introduction, tell a story, give them a question or quiz, or shock them with a fact.

Stand Up While You’Re Presenting
Stand up & gesture to the phone to stay animated and keep your audience alert.

Limit Background Noise As Much As Possible
Ensure complete silence and let those nearby know you will be on a call.

Use Names
Periodically use names to keep everyone’s attention.

Keep It Interactive
Include some type of interactive activity every 10 minutes. Use polls, quizzes, and the chat box.

Use More Slides And Build Every Slide
Change slides often so attendees stay alert & build slides to keep control of the presentation.

Have An Organizer And Be Sure To Practice, Practice, Practice
The organizer will take care of all of the logistical details to ensure flawless execution.

Conclude The Webinar
Ask for questions and address them to all attendees. Send out a copy of the presentation.