Facebook Messages 24-hours has both potential and potential pitfalls. These duel issues are two sides of the same coin: the new and very rich source of user information and analytics that will become available and the near-certain backlash from privacy advocates.

Facebook provides an elegant way to consolidate everything in one place. That also means that Facebook ends up being the beneficiary of capturing all of those interactions. The irony is that the ability of Facebook Messages to integrate and unify the messages means that it will also track everything that people share with each other.

Could there be a future in which Facebook could understand when people are asking for advice, and if they acted on it – thus mapping influence?

Users will be able to see statistics such as opens and click throughs and will also be able to gain a better understanding of how people are using Facebook. With Facebook valuing conversations between individuals marketers will be able to leverage those conversations, track the interactions and hopefully step into the conversations.

There there is the CAN-SPAM act. Businesses will have to be very wary and sensitive about what people want to receive and not receive. Just because they have an @Facebook.com account doesn’t mean it is open season.