If you’ve ever lost something, something important like a wallet or, say, a smartphone, there is nothing better than that feeling when a stranger calls you up and returns your lost property. In terms of a lost Android device, seeing your gear returned safely is much more likely if you help that stranger out a little bit. One of the best ways to do that is to place your contact info on your lock screen.

Now, we’re not suggesting you place anything critical on your lock screen, the purpose of which, after all, is to keep your data secure. But perhaps your name and a home phone number would be acceptable.

The process is actually pretty simple, fire up your system Settings, head on into theSecurity section and tap on Owner Info.

Now, tap the checkbox to turn on ‘Show owner info on lock screen‘ and fill in what you would like it to say. Myself, I choose not to put my name, inserting only the text “If found, please call ###-###-####” – with my real home phone number, of course.

Go ahead and back out of your settings and go about your day. The next time your Android device turns on, and lands on the lock screen, of course, you will be greeted with your message.

There you have it, if ever you misplace your device, anyone that picks it up will be presented with a straightforward method of contacting you, making it all that much easier, and more likely, that a stranger shall return your beloved, but misplaced, Android device.