If you’ve ever thought “I wish my Android phone would do [X] whenever [Y] happened”—for example, text your significant other whenever you leave work; silence your phone when you walk into a movie; or turn on your ringer when you wake up in the morning—Tasker makes it possible.

We’ve shown you the ins and outs of Tasker before, but in this post, we’ll hand you the tools (and the apps) to make your phone more powerful with considerably more ease than we have in the past. Whether you’re a Tasker beginner or an automation pro, the apps in this post will make your phone easier to use, smarter, and even more battery efficient. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of Tasker to install the apps here, but if you do and want to tweak the workflows yourself, we’ll give you the tools to do it. Let’s get started.

What Is Tasker?

Tasker is an automation tool for Android. Tasker can watch for certain conditions (from phone orientation and location to y and z), and when those conditions are met, it can do anything from open applications, toggle system settings, send SMS messages, and even speak alerts aloud if you ask it to. Virtually anything your Android device can do can be automated with Tasker, and when you combine Tasker’s automation tools with conditions that you set, for example, “Arrived at work” or “Out of range of my Wi-Fi network,” based on your GPS location, you can see how much potential the tool really has.

Tasker App Factory is an add-on utility for Tasker that allows you to take the workflows you create and export them as standalone Android apps (APK files) that you can send to friends so they can use them, share on the web as your own work, or even post to Google Play as standalone apps. In fact, the combination of Tasker and App Factory makes building a certain type of app for Android much simpler than developing them from scratch. With App Factory, anyone can install your action as a normal Android app and use it.