People in the United States spend $646 billion a year on outdoor activities, according to The Outdoor Industry Association.

People in the United States spend $121 billion on gear and $525 billion on travel a year.

Somewhere around 6.1 million jobs result, at least in part, from all of the spending.

Roughly 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives.

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Now, here’s a list of the activities that account for the most spending.

10. Hunting: $23 Billion

9. Wildlife Viewing: $33 Billion

8. Fishing: $35 Billion

7. Motorcycling: $43 Billion

6. Snow Sports: $53 Billion

5. Off-Roading: $66 Billion

4. Trail Sports: $81 Billion

3. Bicycling: $81 Billion

2. Water Sports: $86 Billion

1. Camping: $143 Billion