• Master the Art of Grilling
  • Keep the Bugs Away
    Nothing ruins a warm evening like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so the trick to a happy summer is to stop them before they start.
  • Avoid and Soothe Nasty Sunburns
    You can develop a sunburn after only 30 minutes outside, so it’s crucial that you protect yourself in the summer, especially if you are of the pale-skinned variety.
  • Take Advantage of Tasty Summer Produce
    There is nothing like freshly grown produce to go with those summer burgers, and it’s the perfect time to grab it.
  • Keep Up on the Weather Forecast
  • Make Your Own Backyard Fun
    If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, you can have some serious fun at home with simple outdoor projects.
  • Enjoy Nature with some Hiking and Biking
    While there’s loads of fun to be had in your backyard, take advantage of the weather by spending some time with nature (after all, just five minutes a day can boost your self-esteem).
  • Tend the Perfect Summer Bar
  • Brush Up on Your First Aid
    Learn to recognize the signs of drowning, polish your CPR skills, and build a basic first aid kit for the road.
  • Keep Yourself Cool During the Heat Waves
    When the summer really gets chugging, it’s likely to get pretty hot outside.