Follow These Seven Easy Steps:

  • WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP – new routers have a WPS button to lock the device during setup
  • UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE – check the manufacturer’s site for updates as you add more devices to your network
  • TURN OF SSID – your network won’t show up in a list of nearby networks, you’ll have to manually enter the name and password
  • ADDRESS RESERVATIONS – give each device on the network its own IP address to monitor who exactly is on your network
  • MAC FILTERING – create a list of media access control addresses for your devices and control who gets on the network
  • DON’T HOTSPOT AUTO-CONNECT – public Wi-Fi networks expose you to security risks, disable your device’s auto-connect feature
  • DISABLE WIRELESS ADMIN – only use a wired, or LAN, connection to get to the admin panel