Link Popularity

Link Popularity is determined by the amount of links pointing to your website. A website with many links pointing to it is seen as being more popular or authoritative to the search engines. There are many ways to increase your link popularity and increase your website`s search engine ranking.

To build link popularity, you need incoming links to your website. These are called backward links, or backlinks for short. The more backlinks you have, the better. This is one of the main factors in search engine optimization.

When it comes to backlinks and building an authority, your backlinks need to be relevant to your website. For the most part you can control this. Backlink building methods such as article marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, etc. are all ways to build relevant backlinks.

When doing this, you want to make sure you use the keywords in the backlinks that you`re targeting your website for. This is important because it makes those links more relevant to your website, which will increase its authority.

If you provide quality content on your website, then more than likely other related websites will automatically link to you, aiding your backlink building process. What`s better is if these websites are popular themselves. This will greatly benefit your website.

Another way to build up your link popularity is to get other popular (authoritative) websites to link to you using link exchanges. The same principle applies here and will help your website gain in popularity.

Overall, as you steadily grow your link popularity, your website will continue to increase in search engine rankings, bringing in more targeted traffic. Remember to consistently be building backlinks to your site.