Linking To Relevant Product Pages Within Your Article

It’s perfectly natural to link to various product pages that are relevant to that blog articles content throughout your article. Not only will it drive more traffic to these pages from your readers but it also has a major impact on that product page’s search engine authority.

Authority of page is determined by the number and quality of inbound links pointing back to it. Approximately 75% of how you rank is weighted by the authority that page has as compared to all other pages categorized and indexed for the same keywords.

Let’s take a look at a scenario. Imagine that a particular blog article you’ve written has an authority score of 100 (based on the number of quality of inbound links pointing to it). If there is one outbound link from that page it will receive all of the authority from that page in terms of the quality of that link.

If there is more than one outbound link from that page then the authority gained is spread evenly across all outbound links from that page. In this example if there were 5 outbound links from that page then they would all get 20% (100/5 = 20) of authority of that page credited to that inbound link.

The more inbound links you have pointing your product pages and the higher the quality of those links the better those pages will rank.

Using Proper Anchor Text In Your Links

In order for search engines to understand the content they’ll find by following a link you need to properly use anchor text. Anchor text are the words used to make up the link. You should use the keywords you’re targeting on the linked to page as part of the anchor text so Google and other search engines can recognize and give value to those words.

For example, if you’re product page is optimized around the keyword phrase “inexpensive blue widgets” then the anchor text for that link should include that keyword phrase. Links with the anchor text “here” or similar variations do nothing to explain to search engines the content on that linked page and do not enhance the SEO for that page.

Using great anchor text helps get your pages categorized and indexed more strongly for your target keywords. Furthermore, the more inbound links you have with proper anchor text the more authoritative those inbound links will become.