Around this time of year, people who are enrolled in Medicare plans can evaluate their coverage. Known as open enrollment, you can decide if you need more coverage or less or want to add something to your existing plan. And those who are newly eligible can also enroll.

With open enrollment being so popular, scammers are already out in full force. While healthcare scams run throughout the year, the October to December period traditionally sees a spike in scam activity. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family who are eligible for Medicare to keep them protected.

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Open enrollment scammers try stealing your personal information or getting your banking details. Here’s how you can protect yourself from health insurance phone scams:

Medicare will never phone you to sign up for plans or additional coverage. If someone claims to be from Medicare, it could be part of a scam.

Enrolling in a Part D prescription drug plan is optional. Don’t fall for a trick where scammers claim that you’ll lose Medicare coverage if you don’t.

AMAC explains that Medicare staff would never cold call you and cannot ask for payment information over the phone or online.

Never give your personal information like Medicare number, banking details or Social Security number to anybody you don’t trust.

If you are unsure about your plan, recent contact, or have questions, you can call the Medicare hotline at 800-Medicare (800-633-4227).

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