When you think about influencer marketing, probably you remember some bloggers with millions of followers.

It’s hard to imagine that a small business can get a chance (and money) to buy ads from these famous people.

Does it mean you shouldn’t use influencer marketing? By no means! Thankfully, there are micro influencers.

Here are 4 advantages.

Lower cost
This is simple math: the less followers an account owner has, the less the charge for publishing your ads there is. And vice versa, if the number of subscribers is much above 1 million, the price could be sky-high, so not all the brand new and small businesses can afford it.

Obviously, if you work with a micro-influencer, the reach of your promos won’t be extraordinarily wide. But you can find several bloggers and collaborate with them at once to get better results.

Better engagement rate
Engagement on social media means any kind of interaction between an account and the audience. It can be represented in various forms: likes, comments, follows, mentions, answers, questions, etc.

As micro influencers don’t have so many followers as superstars, they foster closer relationships with the audience and communicate more actively with them.

A lot of studies confirm this fact: influencers with 1,000 followers and less receive likes 8% of the time while those with more than 10 million subscribers receive likes 1.6% of the time.

Followers of micro influencers are usually highly interested in these influencers’ area of expertise. This makes these bloggers closer to the audience: they have the same problems, similar interests, and lifestyle. People take their recommendations seriously. Micro-influencers have built up tremendous trust with their audiences.

Higher conversions
As we already said, people tend to trust micro influencers more: they are more like friends rather than some popular star. Recommendations of micro influencers come off as good advice, not as an ad.

That’s why bloggers with a small number of followers can turn more of their followers into buyers. Collaborations with micro influencers are usually more cost effective when it comes to conversions.

More authenticity
One more advantage of working with micro influencers is that they are mostly similar to their followers. We already mentioned that the audience of micro influencers is likely to have the same experience, interests, dreams, problems and lifestyle. That’s why their opinions and views on some topics are considered as genuine by their followers.

Micro influencers appreciate this trust. It makes them be more selective in what they promote. They don’t want to let down their followers, so they pick up the brands and products which they are happy to use themselves. Hence, if your products are micro influencer’s liking, the chance his or her followers will also like them is really high.

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