TripIt’s free tool and app make it easy to keep track of your travel plans by storing and organizing them.

Any time you book a flight, hotel, rental car, etc. (even tickets to an event), you just forward the confirmation email to

TripIt will organize everything, plus details like departure terminals and reservations numbers, so you have it in one place.

TripIt Pro has even more features.

Well, both TripIt versions just got better. Thanks to a partnership with GeoSure, you can use TripIt to see how safe a destination is at night and during the day. GeoSure, which editor Ian Livingston wrote about in this defense of travel to Africa, allows TripIt to show “safety scores from 1 to 100 for neighborhoods around the world, representing low to high risk.” And with the new AM and PM settings, you can see how a destination’s safety risks change when day turns to night.

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The following, writes TripIt, are considered in scoring how safe a destination is at either time:

  • Physical harm: including muggings, drug activity, gang prevalence, and police presence
  • Women’s safety: including verbal harassment, physical assault, violence directed against women, and adequacy of women’s support facilities
  • Health and medical: including environmental pollution and contamination, illnesses, regulation of sanitary conditions, and access to medical care
  • Political freedoms: including political unrest, limited political rights, and incidences of riots and protests Theft: including petty theft, pickpocketing, burglaries, auto theft, and grand theft
  • LGBTQ safety: including likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at location.

Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure what awaits you in a destination, and you should travel smart no matter where you’re going (especially at night).