Where is my straw?

California’s new law banning plastic straws in full-service restaurants is in effect in my home state’s latest feel good action.

Since straws account for less than 0.02% of all plastic in the oceans, and the US contributes <1% of the plastic waste in the ocean, we are helping reduce the problem by 0.0002% AT THE MOST by passing these laws. Definitely worth the 6 months in jail or $1000 fine FOR EACH STRAW.

Plastic Straws aren’t the problem and we’d be far better off taking meaningful actions.

Sacramento should be dealing with the modern day human waste and such found on our city streets and other public areas.  Hundreds of years ago civilization had to deal with human waste. Overflowing cesspools moving sewage into city streets, etc. The result: epidemics including cholera. For example, in 1832, 20,000 people died of cholera in Paris alone.