Pages Without Content

There are hundreds of sites on the Web that have almost nothing on them. No, not the splash screens that are so popular right now. I’m talking about pages where there are a lot of words or pictures but there is no reason to go there. If you are writing about something that you care about, chances are your page will have interesting content, but if you’re just putting up a page because you can your readers will never come back.

“Under Construction”

This is almost always a given when it comes to Web sites. If your site has no information when you put it up and promote it, most people won’t come back, even if you state that the site is under construction. Create a site that has the information people want to see, and don’t bore them with things they most likely already know.

Lists of Links

If you are listing your favorite links, say so, and explain why each link is on the list.

Huge Graphics

Huge graphics take forever to download and use up valuable space on your web server.