Android Time-Savers

1. Save a precious few seconds

Do you hate typing “.com” every time you’re visiting a website on your Android smartphone? (Keep reading for iPhone tips.)

Well, you don’t have to. Here’s how to skip typing .com or .org or .net.

Your smartphone’s keyboard most likely has a .com button. When you type in your favorite website for example, your next key will be .com. So, no need to type in . followed by c, then o and then m.

You might be thinking: Great, but what about .org or .net? Just hold down the .com key until you see a menu pop up. You can tap .org or .net.

Note: Many manufacturers make Android smartphones. So, the way you perform this tip and the following tips might vary a bit.

2. Estimated travel time

Never be late again for a flight back home or an important meeting with your boss. Here’s one way to find out how long it’ll take you to get there on time with your Android smartphone.

Calendar >> type in the event >> type in the exact address of your destination where it says “location.” When you’re alerted to the event, click on the link to the address.

It automatically opens to Google Maps. There, it will show you how long you’ll need to get there whether you’re driving or walking.

3. Book a flight

If you’re of a certain age, you remember travel agencies. If you were planning a trip, you had to first plan a trip to see your agent.

You’d tell her exactly when you wanted to travel, where you were going and how much money you were willing to spend. A few hours, (or days!) later, she’d call you back with all the details. Then, you’d drive back to pick up your tickets and itinerary.

These days, on Android, tap the microphone icon on your screen >> say something like, “Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to LAX on July 22” >> you’ll see flights and prices >> tap on the flight you want, then book it.

iPhone Time Savers

1. Save a precious few seconds

It can get annoying typing in .com every time you visit a website.

Guess what? You don’t have to type in .com or .org or several other website extensions. Instead, just hold the “.” key until you see a menu pop up. It’ll give you the options for .com, .us, .edu, .net and .org.

2. Estimated travel time alerts

You know that you can set up alerts on your iPhone’s calendar. You can set it up, for instance, to alert you one hour before you have to be at a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with your boss.

But, are you just guessing how long it will take to get ready and drive over there? If so, your estimate of a half-hour could be way off. Do you want to be late for an important meeting?

Of course not. Instead, set up an estimated driving (or walking) time to get there.

Tap on your Calendar >> tap the red + in the upper-right side of your screen >> type a title for the event, like “Meeting” >> type in the exact address of the meeting >> start time >> travel time (if you don’t see this, save the event and then choose: edit) >> turn it on >> select your starting destination.

3. Book a flight

If you want to book a flight on your iPhone, you may want to download an app like Skyscanner. Or, better yet, talk to Siri.

“Show me flights from LAX to JFK on July 3.” Siri will show you several options to book a flight, including prices. Select the best deal, then proceed to book your flight.