Have you ever been frustrated by slow internet speeds on your smartphone? You pay a boatload of cash to your mobile provider and then your connection is spotty and slow. It can be really frustrating.

But did you know that one setting on your smartphone can boost its connection? Yep, it’s known as your Domain Name System (DNS) server. And rejoice, setting up your smartphone’s DNS server is easier than ever, thanks to this newly released app.

DNS server translates the IP addresses of websites to domain names that are easier to read and remember (for example, Google.com is translated to the IP address and vice-versa).

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Cloudflare’s DNS service is now available for iOS and Android

Internet services company Cloudflare is now extending its free DNS service to mobile gadgets via its new iOS and Android apps it calls “ Faster Internet” (also known as “ Faster & Safer Internet” for Android).

Cloudflare’s free DNS service was launched back in April and like the app’s name suggests, it uses for its DNS servers. The service promises faster internet speeds and improved browsing security for regular consumers like you and me.

This is great news since it simplifies the DNS changing process for smartphones. Although it was possible to specify an iPhone’s DNS server via its settings, there was no easy way to do it on Android.

Now, with Cloudflare’s apps, it as simple as tapping a button.

While having your ISP assign you your DNS servers automatically is convenient, it opens up its own set of issues. Depending on your provider, their DNS systems can be slow and inefficient, gumming up your internet speeds.

Another issue is security. Using your ISP’s DNS servers allows them to track your internet activity like searches and the sites you visit, opening up all sorts of privacy issues.

To address these concerns, Cloudflare opened its own speedy and secure DNS system to the public. The company is already known for optimizing business internet services and protecting websites against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks but it’s great that it has offered its expertise to the general public.